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Rodent Control & Removal

Two rats against a white background. When most people hear “rodent” they tend to think of either a rat or a mouse. However rodents cover a lot more than that, from beavers to guinea pigs. In terms of common UK pest control problems however, we are going to focus on rats, mice and squirrels.
If you have a pest control problem with rodents on your property, the experts from are well placed to get rid of them so please feel free to get in touch today for a quote.

Mice and Rats

Since mice and rats are so similar in how they operate, they will be treated together. Squirrels are very different so will be treated separately.

  • What Causes an Infestation? Mice and rats need food and water to survive, so even if you keep your property spotless you may get an infestation if you have leaky pipes. They also require warmth so during the winter they may come inside simply to get away from the cold.
  • How to Combat a Mouse or Rat Infestation. To get rid of the rodents, it will not only be necessary to eliminate the ones that are there but to prevent any return through making sure your property is properly secure, and that there is no food or drink available for them. In order to eliminate the rodent infestation, you can use either traps or poison. Poison has the benefit of being fast, while traps are useful for getting rid of them once they are dead.

There are of course products on the market which allow you to attempt these methods yourself, however mice and rats have grown wary of some pest control methods and it often takes a professional to use advanced techniques and knowledge to properly combat a rodent infestation.


Squirrels, sometimes called “tree rats”, are unlikely to cause as bad an infestation as mice or rats, since they will continue to get their food from outside your property, unlike rats and mice. However they can still cause a lot of damage to your property, usually through nesting in the attic.
A squirrel in a squirrel trap. To prevent a squirrel infestation, as long as your roof is well secured (e.g. no loose tiles) then you should be okay. It also helps if there is no easy access to your roof (through overhanging trees, for instance).
Once you have an infestation however it is important to get rid of the squirrels before you go about securing your attic again. If you seal up the roof with one or more of the squirrels still inside, they will cause hell trying to make a way in and out again.
Of course they need not be nesting in your loft to cause a problem, they may be stripping bark off trees in your garden or digging up flower beds. No matter what the case, it's a good idea to try to get rid of the rodents as soon as possible.
It is difficult to catch squirrels, which is why it is best to contact pest control experts such as those from if you have a problem.