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Avishock System / Electric Bird Deterrents

The Avishock system, braids of metal on plastic, blending in to a tiled roof. The Avishock System is an electric bird deterrent which works by administering a tiny electric shock if a bird lands on it. This has been proven to be harmless to the bird, but it does create a powerful psychological barrier which prevents it from trying to perch there again.

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Bird Scarers

The Avishock system falls under the umbrella of bird scarers. However unlike other scarers, it does not rely on any audio or visual stimuli.

Instead it gives a harmless electric shock, which scares the bird from trying to perch there again. This is just as effective as physical barriers, and this form of bird deterrent has some very appealing advantages.

Avishock System / Electric Bird Deterrents

The main pest control advantages of the Avishock system / Electric Bird Deterrents are:

  • Harmless. All of the bird deterrents offered by PestControl.co.uk do not harm the birds, however it bears emphasising for the Avishock system since it does give the bird a small electric shock. In studies this shock has been proven not to damage the bird, complying with UK legislation. It is also a system which has been approved of by many relevant organisations, including the RSPB and RSPCA.
  • Discreet. While a number of the bird deterrents are discreet, which is important for many who want to protect the aesthetics of their property, the Avishock system takes it to the extreme. It is barely noticeable even close up and from any kind of distance often cannot be seen at all.
  • Versatile. The strips of plastic and metal which make up the Avishock system makes this one of the most versatile bird deterrents as well. It can be installed on curvy tiles, goes around corners easily, and can even be placed on statues and signs.
  • Long-lasting. The Avishock system is made with longevity in mind, constructed to be stand up to all kinds of weather conditions.

How the Avishock System / Electric Bird Deterrents Works

A strip of the Avishock system bending around a tight curve over the edge of a roof.

As mentioned, the Avishock system gives the bird a small, harmless electric shock when it lands on it. Although it doesn't hurt the bird, the shock does make the bird avoid it in the future.

The Avishock system is made from stainless steel braids which have been sewn on to a strip of plastic which has been UV stabilised. A 240V charger creates an electrostatic pulse every 1.3 seconds of low current. This is enough to scare the bird away, but not enough to harm it.