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Bird Mesh

Bird Mesh on a roof, protecting the underside of solar panels.

There is nothing fancy or subtle about Bird Mesh from PestControl.co.uk. But there isn't supposed to be. If you need a bird deterrent which will be just as effective against humans as it is against birds such as pigeons and seagulls, this is probably what you're looking for.

Bird Deterrents

Most bird deterrents are designed to blend in with the environment so as to not be noticeable. This makes sense when you want to protect the aesthetics of your property at the same time as keeping birds off your roof and ledges.

That is not always the case however, sometimes the best solution is to create a strong barrier to the birds. This is especially the case when it is an area which is accessible to the public.

In that case, Bird Mesh is one of the most commonly used pest control solutions.

Bird Mesh

The main advantages of Bird Mesh include:

  • Robust. If what you are looking for from your bird deterrent is sturdiness, then Bird Mesh is usually the first choice. This will often be when you want to protect recesses which are large and open, and vulnerable to human interference. For example bridge abutment shelves. They are also effective if you want to protect something like a gutter or rain water hopper.
  • Custom built. The installers from PestControl.co.uk are highly skilled and will be able to custom build your Bird Mesh structure so that it precisely fits your requirements. The Bird Mesh comes in either galvanised or stainless steel, and you can choose from three different types. The most popular measures 50mm x 50mm (10g), but options range from 100mm x 100mm (8g) to 20mm x 20mm (22g).

Combination Bird Deterrents

Bird Mesh installed around the outside corner of a building that has a space underneath.

In many cases, simply using one form of bird deterrent is not the best pest control method to completely protect your property. You may wish to consider several in combination.

For instance, as well as Bird Mesh for areas which require robust protection, you may also want Bird Netting for a roof. Bird Netting works in much the same way as Bird Mesh in fact, creating a physical barrier for the birds. The difference being that the netting is much less visible from a distance, so you can still maintain the aesthetics of your property.

There are many kinds of bird deterrents, and the expert pest control operatives from PestControl.co.uk will be able to advise you on the best option for your particular circumstances.