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Bird Spikes

A row of bird spikes installed on a ledge.

Bird spikes are one of the more traditional bird deterrents, and are particularly effective for areas with heavy infestations of urban birds such as seagulls or pigeons. They are not designed to hurt the birds, instead they make it very difficult to perch on a surface so that birds will not even attempt it.

Bird Deterrents

Bird spikes may look dangerous, but they are only a deterrent. If a bird were to actually try to land on a ledge protected by the spikes it may well get hurt, however this is just as obvious to the birds as it is to us so they do not even try.

Simply using a deterrent is not a typical pest control technique, but it is the only practical approach when it comes to dealing with birds. With normal kinds of pests such as rats or cockroaches, their habitat will be constrained largely to just your property. This means that to get rid of them it is simply necessary to eradicate the infestation and remove the conditions which led to the infestation in the first place.

Of course this is not a suitable approach when it comes to birds because they are very mobile, so even if you get rid of one nest on your property for instance, another bird can just as easily come and nest or perch there again.

That is, unless you are making use of a bird deterrent.

Bird Spikes

Made of either plastic or stainless steel, bird spikes are one of the most commonly seen bird deterrents.

All of the bird deterrents offered by PestControl.co.uk have their own specific advantages. These are the main ones for bird spikes:

  • Heavy Infestation. Since bird spikes create a physical barrier for birds perching on ledges, with angled wires for increased effectiveness, they are most often used in areas with a heavy infestation of birds such as pigeons or seagulls.
  • Versatile. Bird spikes can come either in a single row, ideal for narrow ledges, or in multiple rows for a deeper protection. Also, since they are normally applied with a neutral silicon adhesive there is no need to penetrate the building in order to install them.
Bird spikes being installed on the top of a roof.