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Bird Wire

Three lengths of bird wire side by side on a ledge.

Bird wire is a widely used and versatile bird deterrent, preventing perching in a discreet and effective manner. The pest control experts from PestControl.co.uk can install bird wire on your property as part of a wider bird deterrent plan or on its own, depending on your needs.

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Bird Deterrents

Birds might not be the first thing that people think of when they think “pest” but they fulfil all of the criteria. They are a potential source of health problems (through their bird droppings and nests) and they are a nuisance.

However they cannot be dealt with in the typical way that most pests are, through eradication and eliminating the conditions which led to the infestation. Instead, therefore, bird deterrents must be used in order to keep them away from your property.

There are many different kinds of bird deterrents. The situation and needs of each customer determine which are the best in any particular circumstance.

Bird Wire

The main advantages of bird wire are:

  • Discretion. As with bird netting, bird wire is almost invisible from any significant distance. This means that you will not have to compromise the look of your property while you are keeping birds away from it.
  • Anti-Perching. Bird wire prevents birds from perching on ledges.
  • Versatility. With the use of special brackets and components, bird wire can be installed on almost any surface making it extremely versatile.
Bird wire, difficult to see, on the corner of a building.

How Bird Wire Works

Stainless steel posts support spring-tensioned, fine stainless steel wires which prevent seagulls and pigeons from perching underneath. That is because the wires are placed side by side, with not enough space for urban birds to land in-between.

Since the birds are unable to land there, they are much less likely to leave any bird droppings. Also, as mentioned, the fineness of the wire makes it nearly invisible, so the aesthetics of your property are also protected.