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Specialist Cleaning Services

When it comes to dealing with pest control issues, it is not always just a case of getting rid of the pest itself.  Sometimes the mess that pests leave behind can be just as unsightly and potentially damaging to your health as the pests themselves.  That is why at PestControl.co.uk we offer a comprehensive specialist cleaning service, to quickly and safely return your property to its best condition after a pest control problem.  Jet washing a concrete floor

Pressure Washing

The pressure washer cleaning service from PestControl.co.uk is a great way to get the exterior of your property back to looking its best.
Our trained operatives can remove graffiti, chewing gum and other accumulated dirt from driveways, forecourts, car parks and practically any subborn surface. read more...

Disinfection Service

The disinfection service from PestControl.co.uk will eliminate bacteria, viruses, mould and fungi. With only 0.00001% of harmful pathogens able to survive our treatment, you can be confident that the pest-infested area will be absolutely safe once we have finished.

This is carried out by one of our pest control technicians who will spray the affected area with a biocidal product. We use a product which is not corrosive or staining. It is safe to use on plastics, fabrics and soft metals. Most importantly perhaps, it is also food-safe. read more...

Bird Mess/Guano

A pest control technician in protective clothing standing jet washing a dirty wall. Although relatively tame in other ways, when it comes to making a mess of your property birds are one of the very worst pests.  Whether its pigeons, seagulls, or some other sort of bird, not only is the sight of guano unpleasant but it can be the cause of serious health issues as well.

There are three diseases which bird guano are known to often carry:  psittacosis, cryptococcosis and histoplasmosis.  The latter two are fungal diseases which grow in the droppings, the former is a bacterial disease which can become airborne.
For more information on preventing birds from causing a mess on your property in the first place, please see our page on Bird Proofing.  The technicians at PestControl.co.uk are experienced in a wide variety of bird deterrent techniques which will ensure that your property stays free of the menace of pigeons and seagulls.read more...

Other Pests

Of course birds are not the only pests which can make a mess of your property.  Some of the major health issues when it comes to a rat infestation, for instance, are caused by their droppings and urine.  Our pest control technicians will also be able to help and advise on the specialist cleaning techniques  to clean up after a rat infestation, or any other kind of pest contamination.