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Food Handling

A chef wearing gloves placing chicken on a plate.

Whether your whole business enterprise hinges around food or you simply have an on-site cafeteria, if you have employees handling food then you need to have a proper pest control system in place. At PestControl.co.uk we understand the particular challenges of pest control when it comes to food handling so we can help to make sure that your premises remains pest-free and in compliance with the relevant legislation.

The Danger of Pests in Food Handling Facilities

Pests cause a number of problems to businesses, first and foremost being the risk they pose to food safety. Cockroaches, rats and mice all carry diseases which can make consumers of food contaminated by them seriously ill. Although the pests which pose the greatest threat to food handling facilities, studies show, are flying insects.

Even if the pests do not actually contaminate any of your food however, many can also cause structural damage to your property. For instance rodents can chew through wires, wood and cardboard. Bird droppings can damage stonework.

Then there is the harm to the reputation of a business with a pest control problem, which can sometimes lead to bankruptcy.

Pest Control Prevention

At PestControl.co.uk our main priority is going to be to make sure you never get an outbreak of pests at your facility. This begins with a thorough survey carried out by one of our specially trained field biologists. They will create a report of any potential issues which could lead to a pest infestation.

Once you are satisfied with the work which has to be done, one of our pest control technicians will be able to carry it out for you. Some of the most common measures which have to be taken include:

  • Rodent and Insect Proofing. This will prevent pests from being able to access your facility. Any cracks or holes in exterior walls will be filled in for example, with a rodent-proof paste or a specially designed form of steel wool. Interior doors which have heavy traffic often require a pest-proof curtain or screen of some kind, as will windows. There are many other practices available, and we will recommend the most appropriate ones for your circumstances.
  • General Hygiene. It is important that your entire facility is kept in a hygienic condition, not just the areas which handle food. In this way you will not be attracting pests with crumbs and scraps of food that they could feed on.
  • Regular inspections. While PestControl.co.uk offer regular visits to make sure that your pest control system is still working properly, it is also important that employees keep a lookout for signs of pest infestations. Our pest control operatives will be able to tell you what to look for.
An inspector talking to an employee in a cafe.

If you have a Pest Infestation

Upon discovering a pest infestation you should get in touch with PestControl.co.uk immediately. We are available 24 hours a day and for emergencies offer a 60 minute response.

We will provide a discreet and efficient service, returning your facilities to their peak condition as soon as possible and taking measures to prevent a further outbreak.