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Food Storage

A warehouse containing many boxes of food.

Facilities which carry out food storage must have an appropriate pest control system in place to prevent pest infestations, to comply with UK legislation and to ensure that food does not become contaminated. At PestControl.co.uk we understand the challenges faced by businesses which store food and can assist you to implement proper pest control policies.

Pest Control for Food Storage

Insects pose a particular problem for those engaged in food storage because insect larvae can infiltrate very small holes in packaging, or chew through the plastic, contaminating the food.

It is therefore very important that the environment is free of pests at all stages of their life cycle.

There are a number of measures which should be taken to vastly reduce the risk of contracting a pest infestation in a food storage facilities. These include:

  • Proofing. Every effort should be made to deny access to insects and other pests to your premises. This means that doors and windows should be tightly sealed when shut, for example with the use of bristles underneath a door if there is a gap. Ventilation points should also be screened from insects and rodents, as should interior doors if they need to remain open because of heavy traffic.
  • Bird Control. Birds roosting on the roof can contain insects in their nests. Many of these insects can carry dangerous diseases and may gain entry to your property through the roof. Therefore bird deterrents, such as bird netting for roofs, should be installed.
  • Refuse disposal. It is important to dispose of refuse correctly, so that pests cannot gain access to it. Whether inside or outside, bags of rubbish should always be placed in clean plastic or metal bins with lids.
  • Building maintenance. Rodents only need a small crack or hole in an exterior wall to gain entry, as do insects of course. They should therefore all be sealed. Pests also look for water sources, so drains, gutters and pipes should all be in good working order. The area around the building should also be as clear as possible so that pests do not have anywhere to shelter around the facility.
  • General hygiene. The entire facility should be kept clean and sanitised so that pests do not have anything to feed on.
  • Regular inspections. We recommend that you always inspect any products for signs of a pest infestation before they are admitted entrance to the storage facility.
A man in protective clothing looking under a stack of boxes with a torch.

How PestControl.co.uk can Help

We can help you to put a pest control system in place which will ensure that you do not contract a pest infestation. This begins with a survey performed by one of our field biologists, who will use their expertise to note any potential problem areas that you may have in your facility.

They will then produce a report detailing these issues, and suggesting appropriate remedies. When you are satisfied with the work which has to be done, one of our pest control technicians can carry out these measures.

We will then carry out regular visits to make sure that the measures put in place are still working properly. This will give you the peace of mind that your facility is pest-free and in compliance with the law.