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Insect Screens Installation

Insect screen installed in a window

If you're having problems with insects getting in your property, or you want to prevent such problems, then an insect screens installation from PestControl.co.uk could be just what you need. We provide a number of different insect screens for domestic, commercial and industrial use at low costs, all installed by our fully trained pest control technicians.

Insect Pests

There are many insects in the UK which can become pests if they are allowed on to your property. From ants to cockroaches, flies to wasps. A properly fitted insect screen could prevent all of that however.

They are essential if you are in a food handling industry, as UK legislation states that an appropriate pest control system must be in place in order to prevent infestations. And while there tends to be a greater reaction to infestations of rodents or cockroaches, studies have shown that it is in fact flying insects which provide the greater threat to food safety.

It is important to note that insect screens should be used as part of a greater pest control system for the best results. This largely involves not attracting pests to your property by maintaining a clean and hygienic environment, and good building maintenance.

Of course everyone understands the importance of cleanliness when it comes to pest control, as it denies pests a source of food. The reason that building maintenance is important as well, apart from making sure there are no cracks or holes for pests to enter through, is to ensure that there are no water sources available to them either.

A PVC strip curtain in the doorway of a factory.

Pests are attracted to water just as much as they are food, so if your drains are blocked or gutters broken, that is a pest control problem.

Insect Screens

An insect screen should be placed on any natural openings to your property, namely doors and windows on the whole. There are different kinds of insect screens, so you can be sure that you will find one that is appropriate for your circumstances. These include:

  • Door Screens. A standard door screen is ideal for domestic or light commercial use, for doors that have an average amount of traffic. They come with a fibre mesh to keep out flying insects, and bristles at the bottom of the door so that insects cannot crawl underneath. For industrial use, a heavy duty screen door comes with a stainless steel mesh.
  • Curtains. For doors and openings which are in frequent use, usually in commercial or industrial settings, a chain or plastic curtain may be appropriate. PVC curtains prevent heat loss between connected areas, making them ideal for large openings to warehouses, or refrigerated areas in a food-handling business. Chain curtains will not prevent heat loss, but do allow easy access for doors that are in constant use.
  • Window Screens. PestControl.co.uk provide a number of window screens, including hinged and slider screens. Whatever kind of window you have, we will have a screen appropriate for it.

This is not an exhaustive list, so please get in touch if you would like to know more about the insect screens we provide.