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Pigeon Control & Removal

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How to Deal with a Pigeon Problem

Pigeons are not often considered a household pest, in fact if you have pigeons in your house then you've really got problems! Pigeon control is an important issue, however, although they are more often associated with parks and squares in towns and cities such as in London where they are very common. Some people do not even see them as pests at all, but if they are flocking around your house then you will definitely want to get rid of them. This is not at all easy, and it would be a good idea to call in professionals to carry out the proper pigeon control procedures, but there are a few things you can try.

The Problem With Pigeons

Although not the most attractive of birds, pigeons are not really ugly, or dangerous on their own. In fact if you've ever tried to chase one, you'll know that it is more scared of you than you are of it! But actually, there is some good reason to be scared of pigeons.img
In the middle ages pigeon droppings were so sought after for manure that they got an armed guard!
For one thing, they are not called the "rats of the sky" for no reason, although obviously it isn't literally true. They do, however, carry a multitude of diseases, for example Psittacosis, which is similar to pneumonia, and Chiamidosis, which is a virus much like influenza. Dried droppings have the power to spread these infections because spores can break off, get carried on the wind and be inhaled. It can make healthy people ill, but is even more dangerous for people who are already sick and have a low immunity.

Beyond the health risks, of course, the droppings are not very sightly, and it is particularly unpleasant to have your car covered in them.

Wiping Out the Pigeon Threat

It is therefore essential to carry out good pigeon control measures, both in urban environments and if your home has become the target of this menace. Farmers have the option of shooting pigeons if they feed off their farm, however few other people have that option and anyway it is, literally, a hit and miss procedure.
messy pigeon
There are also traps that you can set to catch the pigeons. However, pigeons travel in flocks so unless you can catch the whole flock, which you will not be able to do, then this won't really solve the problem. Even if you could do that, however, it is not a long term solution because within a few weeks the eggs they had already laid will hatch again and you will quickly have a new population to deal with.

Keeping Pigeons Away

The best way to manage a pigeon population, and to make sure you don't get one in the first place, is to control the environment that they are choosing to live in. If the environment is hostile to them then they will not wish to be there. It is important to understand, then, that pigeons are scavengers. That is why they are so prevalent in urban environments, because of all the open food sources from people throwing food away. As well, of course, as the somewhat misguided feeding of pigeons by certain members of the public.

The pigeon is the only known non-mammal that can recognise itself in the mirror.
If you have a pigeon infestation around your house, therefore, the best pigeon control measure you can make is to make sure that your garden and street is free of all food sources. Of course unless you live out on your own away from everyone else, it might be a neighbour who has a problem in that regard. If you are not comfortable dealing with that situation yourself, perhaps it would be a good idea to contact a professional who may be able to help.

The only other option you really have in terms of pigeon control is to use pigeon repellents, but they are so strong that it is not recommended for individuals to use as it could be harmful to pets and other birds as well.

The pigeon problem is a tricky one, and it is best to contact the professionals to help you out.