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Pigeon Deterrents

A number of pigeons in a cage on a roof.

There are a number of pigeon deterrents available from PestControl.co.uk, and we will be able to advise you on the best one, or combination of deterrents, for your circumstances. It may also be necessary to carry out a limited amount of pigeon culling although as will be explained, that is not a long term solution.

Pigeon Deterrents

Whether your residential or commercial property is having problems with a pigeon infestation, PestControl.co.uk will be able to help.

It is important to control pigeon populations around your property, not just because their mess is unsightly and can cause lasting damage to stonework, but because the presence of their bird droppings and nests create serious health and safety concerns. Guano can carry diseases and insects from their nest can cause secondary pest control problems on your property.

Here are some of the main pigeon deterrents available, and how they are best used:

  • Pigeon Netting. This is mostly used to create a physical barrier to pigeons over a large area, such as a roof. It is also almost invisible from a distance so will not ruin the aesthetics of your property.
  • Pigeon Spikes. These come in single or multiple rows, depending on your needs. They are best installed on ledges and parapets, and are extremely effective against heavy infestations.
  • Pigeon Scarers. Our pest control operatives can set up a very effective system for scaring pigeons out of a large expanse by emitting pigeon distress calls or the call of a predator. Usually most effective in conjunction with other bird deterrents.
  • Falconry. Instead of imitating predators as scarers do, another option is to have an expert pest control operative let an actual predator in to the target area for certain periods of time. The intention here is not generally for the falcon to actually catch the pigeons, although that can happen, but rather to scare them away.

Our expert pest control operatives will be able to advise you on the best pigeon deterrents for your circumstances.

A pigeon avoiding pigeon spikes on a ledge.

Pigeon Culling

Sometimes it will be necessary to carry out a limited amount of pigeon culling to keep the population manageable. Of course this is not a long term solution since other pigeons can always enter the area again, which is why the bird deterrents are so important.

The two main methods for pigeon culling are:

  • Trapping. This is the most humane method, and uses live catch cage traps. It does require skilled pest control operatives to be successful.
  • Shooting. A .22 calibre rifle is used to shoot the pigeons. This will usually only be considered once the pigeon deterrents have been installed, if pigeons are trying to regain access to the protected area and causing damage.

Our pest control technicians are fully trained to carry out these operations safely and efficiently.