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Plastic Strip Curtain Installation

Plastic strip curtains splitting a large room in a warehouse.

If you are a business which involves food handling, a plastic strip curtain installation from PestControl.co.uk could be just what you need to keep insects away from your products. We also offer a full service, putting in place a pest control system which will keep you in compliance with UK legislation.

Insect Proofing

While it is important to keep all pests off your premises, especially if you are in a food handling industry, it has been revealed by studies that flying insects pose the greatest threat.

Everyone has heard horror stories about rats, mice and cockroaches infesting an establishment and contaminating food. And while it is of course important to make sure that pest control measures are taken to make sure this does not happen, it is the commonality of flies which makes them so dangerous.

It might not seem like such a big deal if there is a single fly buzzing around a kitchen, for instance, but if they land on food even for a few moments they could leave behind a disease which will make anyone who consumes that food extremely ill.

That is why it is crucial to proof your property for insects, in order to keep as many out as possible. One of the ways of doing this is by having plastic strip curtains installed in doorways which are frequently used.

If flies do get in, there should also be fly killers installed to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Get in touch with PestControl.co.uk to find out more.

Plastic Strip Curtains

The plastic strip curtains supplied by PestControl.co.uk are strips of heavy-duty plastic suspended from a stainless steel hanging rail.

These are ideal for use in doorways which are in frequent use, allowing people through quickly and easily but keeping insects out.

We offer two kinds of plastic strip curtains, with subtle but important differences. These are:

A plastic strip curtain in the doorway of a warehouse.
  • PVC Strip Curtain. These create a tight seal, allowing for minimal heat loss. They are therefore most often used as a transition in and out of refrigerated areas. They can also protect from bad weather for exterior doors. Another advantage is that they are easily detached if you need them out of the way for any reason.
  • Mesh Strip Curtain. These are made from Suntex mesh, a polyester yarn coated with PVC. They allow for air flow between areas so more appropriate if you do not have temperature concerns between rooms.

The pest control technicians from PestControl.co.uk will be able to install these, or any other insect-proofing products required, in an efficient manner and for a low cost.