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Rabbit Control & Removal

The idea of applying pest control techniques to rabbits is, for some people, not a very nice one at all. It should be remembered, however, that what we are talking about here are wild rabbits. Domesticated rabbits might become a pain to their owners sometimes, but they would never be treated like pests.

What Makes a Rabbit a Pest?

The teeth of a rabbit never stop growing which is why they constantly gnaw
Rabbits are a pest for much the same reason as moles are. Not due to the holes they make precisely, although these can be dangerous for children playing in a garden if they get their foot stuck in one. Instead, in the sense that rabbits can cause damage to your garden, notably through their eating habits.
You will have worked hard to keep your garden looking good, and if rabbits come along and start eating your flowers and your plants, you will be understandably annoyed. Just as with moles however, there isn't a lot you can do to prevent acquiring a rabbit problem, but there are rabbit control procedures that can be undertaken to get rid of them.

Rabbit Control Methods

picture of rabbit damageThe best rabbit control technique is by gassing the warren. This is done with the use of a pellet, or fumigation tablet, which lets off the gas when it combines with the moist soil. The active ingredient in this which kills the rabbits is aluminium phosphide, exactly the same as what is used against moles. This is a highly poisonous substance of course, which is why it should not be used near to occupied buildings. Also, any pets or small children should be kept away from the treated area for at least twenty four hours. There are other rabbit control methods of course, but none as effective or humane. Trapping, snaring, ferreting and even shooting are possible. However, as well as causing the rabbits unnecessary pain, they will only be effective for one rabbit at a time and so will do very little about the general problem. The gassing technique is the most pain free, and will also get rid of the most rabbits at a time.


A rabbit can give birth up to 8 times a year!
While the gassing technique is the most effective, that is not to say that it will completely eradicate the problem. In fact, it only promises to be 50-70% effective, that is, reducing the rabbit population by that amount. Also, there is nothing to stop other rabbits from the area coming in again and repopulating a warren. However, that is not all that likely, and in any case, even if it is only a 50% reduction in the population, that is still significant and you will still see results. As a general rule however, it is more effective during the winter months.

Whatever time of the year it is however, if you are being plagued by rabbits, then call in pest control experts. They will be able to help, at least by reducing the population of the rabbits, and so minimizing the amount of damage that they can do.

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