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Seagull Control & Removal

Close up of a seagull. Seagulls are in many ways even worse than pigeons in terms of a pest control problem. They are louder and more aggressive than pigeons, so if you have them on or around your property you're probably going to want to get rid of them as soon as possible. At PestControl.co.uk we have the skills and the knowledge to quickly and effectively eradicate a seagull problem through the use of honed seagull deterrents.

Seagull Deterrents

When it comes to seagulls, they are a pest control problem which cannot be treated in the normal way. Usually pests are simply killed, but the culling of seagulls is ineffective, quite apart from the ethical issues it brings up for some.
The best way to deal with pest problems is through taking preventative measures, which usually means keeping your property clean and well maintained. However for most people there is only a limited amount they can do about the external conditions, where the seagulls live. So if the birds were culled, others would simply take their place since the conditions would stay the same.
What can be done, however, is to move the seagulls on through preventative pest control measures. These include:

  • Bird Spikes. Although this sounds dangerous to birds, by placing a row of spikes on a ledge it prevents them from perching there (rather than impaling them when they try);
  • Bird Wire. If you are concerned about the aesthetics of having a row of spikes on your building, then you may prefer to have bird wire installed on ledges as they are less visible;
  • Bird Netting. For larger areas, such as a whole roof, bird netting can be used to prevent seagulls and other birds gaining access to an area. This prevents nesting and perching;
  • Falconry. For even larger areas, such as a car park, a bird of prey can be let out in the area to scare seagulls away.

Why Use Seagull Control?

Seagulls perching on the top of a roof. If you have identified seagulls as a pest control problem for you, then you will already have your issues for this, which may include:

  • Guano. One of the main issues is bird fouling, which can ruin the look of an area (let alone a car!). Of course there is also a health issue, with guano able to spread some nasty diseases;
  • Noise. Listening to birds singing can be very pleasant, but seagulls wouldn't make it past the first round of any bird talent contest. Not only is their squawk unpleasant, but it is loud as well;
  • Nesting. Seagulls may nest in drains, causing a number of problems for your property;
  • Aggressive behaviour. Seagulls are very protective of their young so during mating season can become very aggressive if they feel you have come too close to their nest.